New Sounds of Chile #1

By 30 November, 2020

Chile is one of the most isolated countries in Latin America. Besides being so far south, its Andean heights and Pacific coastline encapsulate some very particular cultural idiosyncrasies, which bear little relation to its neighbours. This round-up hopes... Read Article

REVIEW Kinetica – Disco III

By 31 August, 2017

After a long hiatus, Kinetica is back with Disco III, an album that shows the constant evolution of a project notable for its perfect blend of vocals and electronic production. That’s mainly because the principal mind behind the project is... Read Article

REVIEW Dementira – Sucedáneo EP

By 02 February, 2016

Ariel Altamirano, also known as DJ Dementira, is a busy man. Co-founder of the Discos Pegaos label from Santiago, member of the supporting bands for Fakuta and Gepe, where he also grabs the mic for additional rap vocals,... Read Article

Fakuta “Despacio”

By 24 March, 2015

The latest video from Chilean electro-pop chanteuse Fakuta focuses on what a good night out in Santiago is all about. Filmed on an actual night out, the video shows Fakuta and her friends – who are in fact... Read Article

Can Can Remixed by I Am Genko

Can Can Remixed by I Am Genko

By 20 September, 2011

New remix of Can Can‘s “Al Mar” by Peruvian I Am Genko. Can Can, from Ecuador, released “Al Mar” as a single back in July 2010. The original is a sparkling low-key pop tune, the kind of glorious... Read Article

Newton Rocks! Chile Mixtape

MIXTAPE Newton Rocks! Chile Mixtape

By 26 August, 2011

The man they call the “Chilean Girl Talk” here presents a selection of some of the finest grooves and beats to come out of Chile in recent years. If you’re looking to discover what people are dancing to... Read Article

Kinética – Desencuentro

By 29 July, 2011

This amazing video is the new single from Kinética‘s debut album, released last year. A hip-hop fuelled affair with monstrous bass and a cold delivery reminiscent of other new Chilean artists such as Fakuta and Caravana, this is... Read Article

Fakuta – Armar y Desarmar

By 20 June, 2011

It has come to our attention that we have yet to feature Fakuta’s amazing video for “Armar y Desarmar” on Sounds and Colours. This is something that we are correcting right now! Fakuta is a new singer to... Read Article

Dj deMentira – Último Lugar Mixtape

MIXTAPE Dj deMentira – Último Lugar Mixtape

By 16 June, 2011

DJ deMentira’s Último Lugar mixtape is a collection of everything that’s great about Chilean music right now, featuring artists like Gepe, Fakuta and de Janeiros that have found a way of making modern music sound timeless!