Can Can Remixed by I Am Genko

By 20 September, 2011

New remix of Can Can‘s “Al Mar” by Peruvian I Am Genko. Can Can, from Ecuador, released “Al Mar” as a single back in July 2010. The original is a sparkling low-key pop tune, the kind of glorious dream-pop fans of the band have become used to.

For the remix I Am Genko keeps the structure of the song the same though gives it some serious bass and thrum, leaving it not too far from the ethereal electro-pop of Fakuta or Javiera Mena. It’s one of those rare circumstances where a remix actually gives the song a new lease of life, while also not voiding the work on the original.

Head over to Bandcamp where you can download the track: .

You can also listen to it below:

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