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REVIEW Daymé Arocena – Cubafonía

By 03 May, 2017

Despite Daymé Arocena reaching international audiences and receiving high acclaim, her music hasn’t stopped growing. She has seemingly embraced the not small responsibility of performing a mixture of her Cuban roots heritage with the jazz education and experience that she has gained... Read Article

Best Compilations of 2016

By 06 January, 2017

2016 may well be over but we’re not ready to forget about it just yet. There were many great releases out last year and January is a great time to catch up on them, especially some of the compilations... Read Article

REVIEW La Mecánica Popular

By 03 December, 2013

Old school salsa with a twist? Cuban son with synth knob-twitching backing and feedback? Boleros with white noise ambience and atonal atmosphere? Descargas with Miles Davis’ electric-era horns and freaky tremolo guitar playing? All this and more is... Read Article

Bio Ritmo – Introducing Bio Ritmo

REVIEW Bio Ritmo – Introducing Bio Ritmo

By 28 August, 2012

Along its twenty years of existence, Bio Ritmo has experimented with different salsa styles, incorporated influences that range from punk-rock to samba, and established themselves as pioneers of the indie salsa movement. Their fusions, along with their great... Read Article