Latin America

Venezuela: gold mining fuels malaria epidemic

By Marielba Núñez 24 June, 2022

How mining, poverty and environmental destruction deepen a health crisis. The Troncal 10 is a road full of huge pot-holes and obstacles that constantly threaten to destroy cars that venture onto it. This ‘trunk road’ leads to Tumeremo,... Read Article

REVIEW ‘Bantú Mama’ And The Power Of The Chosen Family

By Fernando G. Herrero 16 October, 2021

Emma is a French-Cameroonian flight attendant who gets caught by the police when she tries to smuggle drugs on a flight from France to the Dominican Republic. She escapes the police car, and still handcuffed, is picked up... Read Article

REVIEW The Chambermaid

By 12 July, 2019

Lila Aviles’ debut film The Chambermaid (La Camarista) starts out strongly by introducing a quiet, mousy Eve that dutifully cleans, scrubs and organizes one messy luxurious hotel room after another. Immediately, the viewer feels like one is peering... Read Article

Marx and Freud in Latin America

By 03 September, 2013

Marx and Freud in Latin America, subtitled Politics, Psychoanalysis and Religion in Times of Terror, written by Bruno Bosteels and published by Verso, is a collection of ten essays which explore the enduring influence of the two on... Read Article



By 07 June, 2012

Aluna holds a long-awaited message and the anticipation of its release has been brewing, not only amongst documentary film lovers, but anyone that remembers the BBC’s 1990 film, From The Heart of The World: The Elder Brother’s Warning.... Read Article

Calle 13 – Latinoamérica

By 06 October, 2011

Here’s Calle 13, one of Latin America’s finest, doing what they do best, celebrating Latin American culture. On “Latinoamérica” they are joined by Susana Baca, Totó La Momposina and Maria Rita for a real tour de force of... Read Article