REVIEW The Pearl Button

By 16 March, 2016

“The Indians of Patagonia believed that souls didn’t die and that they could live again as stars.” Five years after making Nostalgia for the Light, Patricio Guzmán comes back to fascinate us again with the second in a... Read Article

REVIEW Wakolda (The German Doctor)

By 04 August, 2014

Based on her novel of the same name, writer/director Lucía Puenzo’s latest feature film Wakolda (English Title: The German Doctor) offers a chilling tale of betrayal and deception as an innocent family experiences a living nightmare in 1960s... Read Article

REVIEW Where The Condors Fly

By 29 November, 2013

If you asked me to name the world’s great wildernesses, the first three to come to mind would be Patagonia, Siberia and round the back of Sainsbury’s in Harrow, where in a previous life I had to spend... Read Article

REVIEW The Lost World Cup

By 09 April, 2013

The Lost World Cup (El Mundial Olvidado) is an ambiguous piece of work on the World Cup of 1942. What? Yes, that’s right, 1942! It’s all there in the tantalising photographs behind the bar at Pulperia, Banda del... Read Article

REVIEW ¡Vivan las Antipodas!

By 31 May, 2012

¡Vivan las Antipodas! is a documentary based around the existence of antipodes, or places on the Earth’s surface which diametrically oppose each other through the centre. This seems like something of a shaky premise on which to base... Read Article

8 Films Set In Patagonia

8 Films Set In Patagonia

By 14 May, 2012

Recent years have seen an increasing number of films set in Patagonia, a Southern area of Argentina and Chile that continaully attracts tourism due to it’s extreme geology, marine life and mountain slopes, but also provides the perfect... Read Article