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Chilean Animation Pays Tribute to Land Struggles of Mapuche Indigenous Peoples

By 22 July, 2020

A new short animation is paying tribute to the land struggles of the Mapuche indigenous peoples of Southern Chile and Argentina. Choyün, Shoots of the Earth tells the story of a young Mapuche woman returning from the capital Santiago to her ancestral southern home in the Araucania region, currently facing a social and environmental crisis.

It explores the history of land grabs, drought and deforestation that the Mapuche have faced up to the present day, in a region currently militarized by Chilean state security forces; officially classified as a ‘conflict zone’. The animation shows the traditions, legends and worldviews that the Mapuche have preserved for centuries, being the only South American indigenous group never conquered by Spanish or Inca colonizers.

The animation was created by Sebastián Pinto and Rosario López and is available to view on Youtube and Instagram TV by searching @choyun_animado with subtitles in English, French and Mapudungun.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOefFpPpDxk, https://www.instagram.com/choyun_animado

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