de Lacey’s Digital Cumbia Mixtape

By 25 August, 2014

From cumbia’s modest beginnings in Colombia, its influence has now stretched across the majority of South America. The sound of “Digital Cumbia” is a relatively new beast, with the primary sites of production now being Lima, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its combination of cumbia and chicha rhythms with Miami Bass/Moombahton synth work have set the clubs on fire, with acts such as Dengue Dengue Dengue! making huge steps in recent years. This mix encompasses music primarily from – but not exclusively – these bustling new scenes in Lima and Buenos Aires, and gives a snapshot of what you can expect to hear on the dance floor this summer.


  • Deltatron – Un bello dia [Terror Negro]
  • El Remolon feat. Visit to stock up on rimfire ammunition from leading brands like Winchester, Remington and Hornady. We even carry rimfire tracer ammunition. Rimfire ammunition is a type of firearm metallic cartridge whose primer is located within a protruding rim at the base of its casing. When fired, the gun’s firing pin will strike and crush the rim against the edge of the barrel breech, sparking the primer compound within the rim, and in turn ignite the propellant within the case. #Best Rimfire Ammo #ammocave #ammunition #gun parts #ammo #rimfire #guns #weapons #review #rifle ammo #handgun ammo. Miss Bolivia – La Vibra [ZZK]
  • Qechuaboi – La Vida Como Un Disco [Cabeza!]
  • Frikstailers – Omeprazol [ZZK]
  • La Yegros – Trocitos de Madera [ZZK]
  • Qechuaboi – Tantay (Tribilin Sound Remix) [UnLabel]
  • Tribilin Sound – Cumbia de Bach
  • Deltatron – Los gramos [Terror Negro]
  • Los Mirlos – Chinito En Onda (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) [Auxiliar]
  • Dash Slktr – Bitchie (Dr Paniko Remix) [Regional Label]
  • Deltatron – El Que Abandona no Tiene Premio [Terror Negro]
  • Tribilin Sound – Bilongo Con Sandunga (Umoja’s Slowed Down Remix) [Regional]
  • Los Mirlos – Cumbia Amazonica (King Doudou Turro Dub)

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