Electro Cumbia

REVIEW La Yegros – Suelta

By 15 May, 2019

It might appear a little out of place that the woman dubbed “the queen of New Cumbia” and “the first lady of Electro Cumbia” should hail from Argentina. But (Mariana) La Yegros’ roots lie in the north east... Read Article

REVIEW Systema Solar – Rumbo A Tierra

By 19 January, 2017

Systema Solar have known how to prender la fiesta for some years now throughout Colombia, as well as touring worldwide with their first and second albums Systema Solar (2010) and La Revancha del Burro (2013).  Their newest offering Rumbo... Read Article

REVIEW Piper Street Sound – The Fall Line

By 20 November, 2014

Sometimes it is quite surprising how a sound or even a music style can move, translate and restate itself thousand of miles away from its original residence. An example is what has happened with Piper Street Sound, the... Read Article

MIXTAPE de Lacey’s Digital Cumbia Mixtape

By 25 August, 2014

From cumbia’s modest beginnings in Colombia, its influence has now stretched across the majority of South America. The sound of “Digital Cumbia” is a relatively new beast, with the primary sites of production now being Lima, Peru and... Read Article

REVIEW Doma Tornados – Ritmo Latido

By 04 November, 2012

From start to finish, Ritmo Latido plunges the listener into a musical journey of epic proportions. At once tribalistic and cutting-edge, the Argentine musician Guillermo Piacenza (operating under the pseudonym Doma Tornados, and slickly translating as ‘Tame Tornados’... Read Article