Petites Planetes: Maricel Ysasa in Buenos Aires

By 02 July, 2011

Vincent Moon travelled to Buenos Aires in December 2010 in order to showcase work he’d done a year before on his Temporary Buenos Aires special. This time he also had the idea of filming Maricel Ysasa, a new Argentine singer yet to release her debut album.

This filming became Petites Planetes Volume 7, the latest instalment in Vincent’s new audio/video/essay project, a project that builds on the work he has previously done just using video. Anyone familiar with the “Vincent Moon” style of filming will know that place, space and natural light are used as a new context in which to enjoy the music and/or performance. With Petites Planetes we are given the opportunity of understanding the artist further, as well as the film-making process, through the additional essays.

The essays for Maricel are as readable as ever, especially taking into account the claustrophobic effect of Buenos Aires on the film-makers. Here’s an excerpt written by Vincent:

Maricel lived most of her life an hour away from downtown Buenos Aires, in a city so full of sadness that the mere fact of wanting to make a film there would tie your throat. It was so oppressed, this little piece of Argentina, it seems ready to crumble at your feet and tell you for hours its misfortune. The first songs were freezing us on the spot, the music was so beautiful that the contrast was all the more dramatic.

Lastly, and best of all, here’s the film:

Please go to Petites Planetes to read the essays, listen to audio and watch further videos. You won’t regret it!

You can listen to more Maricel at her Myspace or buy her record at No Seso Records.

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