DJ 440 – Nordeste Independente Mixtape

By 12 August, 2011

DJ 440 is one of Brazil’s most prominent DJs and an expert in music from the Northeast of Brazil, where he was raised – in Pernambuco to be more precise. That region of Brazil is a hot-bed of activity with musicians such as Alessandra Leao, Maciel Salu, Caçapa and more consistently producing some of the best new music around. On Nordeste Independente DJ 440 links this great new music from the Northeast with the music that has gone before.

Here’s how DJ 440 phrases it:

The idea with Nordeste Independente (Independent Northeast) is to show the richness and peculiarity of the rhythms of northeastern Brazil, with one foot in the past, recalling the great masters like Jackson do Pandeiro and Luis Gonzaga, and another foot in the future, showing some of today’s production, introducing new bands, the example of O Quarteto Olinda, Maciel Salu and Alessandra Leão.

The mixtape was produced with support from Red Bull Music Academy Radio and CD Audio Mix, and shows a little of the richness of the Northeastern region of Brazil, under the vision of DJ 440.

To find out more about DJ 440 as well as listen to his other mixes go to

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