La Tabaquera Presents Frevo de Rua!

By 19 June, 2012

If you want to listen to great mixtapes of traditional Latin, African and Caribbean music your first port-of-call really should be La Tabaquera and their Soundcloud page. We’ve already featured mixes of music from Peru and Colombia by them but today we wanted to post their mix of traditional Frevo de Rua, a big-band style from the North of Brazil.

Frevo de Rua, translating as Street Frevo, is an instrumental style with echoes of the polka, featuring lots of brass instrumentation. La Tabaquera’s mix features mainly songs written by Levino Ferreira and Lourival Oliveira, two of frevo‘s great composers. You can find out the names of all of the songs, as well as the names of the compilations they came from by going to and you can listen to the mix below:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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