Review Leila Pinheiro & Nelson Faria – Céu e Mar


Riding on a new wave of Bossa Nova, Céu e Mar (‘Sky and Sea’), Leila Pinheiro and Nelson Faria’s first worldwide release revisits classic Brazilian songs from great composers such as Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim, Ivan Lins, Djavan, Gilberto Gil and João Bosco; giving them refreshingly beautiful versions at the same time as keeping true to their everlasting poetry and cadence.

The track that gives name to this fine work exalts the wonderful marriage of the sky and the sea; the way they seem to complete each other, bringing harmony to the world and our lives. “Bala com Bala”, on its turn, is a sweet old school samba with that feel of a mesa de bar: just like an intimate group of friends happily singing merry songs, as they enjoy their time round a table in a bar that could be anywhere in Brazil.

Another classic, from one of Bossa Nova’s creators (Tom Jobim), is “Sucedeu Assim” describing how love approaches us so imperceptibly and disguised in so many different forms, until it is too late, and our reasoning is already his prisoner and our heart his new territory to reign.

Leila’s deep melodious voice combined with Nelson’s stunning instrumentalist technique give this compilation a perfect Carioca feeling. So, unwind as you listen to it and let it slowly transport you to a gorgeous sunset on a distant beach in Rio de Janeiro, where the breeze rocks your dreams and the waves come to wash away all worries; leaving only the sweet rhythm to feel your soul.

Born in Belém, Pará (northen of Brazil), Leila long ago became a Carioca at heart, after moving to Rio de Janeiro in 1981. She has since recorded 16 albums and toured Europe, United States and Japan, making her remarkable voice and great talent and sensibility known around the world.

After his training in L.A., Minas Gerais’ born guitarist and composer Nelson Faria became an important Brazilian musician and has worked with acclaimed artists as Milton Nascimento, Ivan Lins and João Bosco.

Céu e Mar marks the encounter of these two artists as a celebration of the Brazilian music, its diversity and timelessness.

Céu e Mar is available from Amazon, iTunes and Far Out Recordings

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