PG Presents New Brazilian Music

By | 01 June, 2011

June has been dedicated mixtape month on Sounds and Colours. In collaboration with JungleDrums we’re going to be bringing you mixes of new music from Latin America every Wednesday throughout the month. We begin with PG Presents New Brazilian Music.

Now I have to be honest I don’t know a great deal about PG but when it puts mixes like this together, with artists like Guizado, Bodes e Elefantes, Elo da Corrente, Nacao Zumbi, Espião and Siba I get a little bit impressed. See the full tracklisting and listen to the mix below:

  1. Bodes & Elefantes – Not Here
  2. Guizado – Amplidão
  3. Curumin – Salto no Vácuo com Joelhada
  4. Gui Amabis + Céu – Swell
  5. Maquinado – Are You Experienced
  6. Seu Jorge & Almaz – Juizo Final
  7. Siba – Alados
  8. Nação Zumbi – Assustado
  9. Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz – Floresta Azul
  10. R.Brandão & Pizzol – Rainha do Mar
  11. Dona Selma do Coco – Areia
  12. M.Takara 3 – Rei da Cocada
  13. Kiko Dinucci & Bando AfroMacarrônico – Padê Onã
  14. Elo da Corrente – Não se Cale
  15. MDM – Bandit
  16. Espião – Dezessete
  17. Maquinado – Bem Vinda ao Inferno
  18. Sonates – Quilombo te Espera
  19. Yoka – Pássaro Imigrante

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JungleDrums and Sounds and Colours will both be posting new mixes every week from different corners of Latin America, highlighting the new music coming from the region. This week we are both focusing on Brazil.

Go to JungleDrums Online to listen to DJ MBGroove Presents Brasil Lado B (Part 2) to hear even more new music from Brazil.

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