El Buga’s Unión Latinoamericana Mix

By | 14 November, 2014

It’s been a while since we posted a Friday mixtape and this gem, which covers electronic music from all over Latin America, seemed like the right excuse to resume that practice. El Buga is Chilean David Bugueño, otherwise known as one of the main men behind Sello Regional, a record label that has fast become the home for the finest electronic music being made in our favourite continent.

With tracks from DJ Quien, Frente Cumbiero, Tremor, Bleepolar, Bardo, Los Ilusionistas, BNegão & Seletores De Frequência and so much more, this one really runs the gamut of what’s great about electronic Latin American music right now, while also showing no aversion to including Brazilian artists in the mix (this is what we really like to see!) So, please, do not hesitate – press play now…

01 DJ Quien – Alegría, Alegría (Bolivia / Cassette Blog)
02 DJ Subversivo ft Bajeros De La Montaña – El Canto De La Carrachama (Chile – Colombia / Konn Recordings)
03 Tremor – Caracol (Tribilin Sound Interpretation) (Argentina – Perú / Folcore)
04 Cosmo Gomez – Omananan (Argentina / Regional (Unreleased))
05 JMKR – Anzestro (Chile / Regional)
06 El Sueño De La Casa Propia – Voluntad De Oro (María y José Remix) (Chile – México / Pueblo Nuevo)
07 El Amante De La Selva – Transbordador Bataan (Uruguay / Club Subtropical)
08 Alfonso Luna – El Rencuentro (México / Independiente)
09 DJ Tide – É No Pagode (Brasil / Hy Brazil)
10 Bleepolar vs Faraón Bantú – El Vacilón Del Faraón (Colombia / Independiente)
11 Barda – Inercia (Lascivio Bohemia Remix) (Argentina – Ecuador / Regional (Unreleased))
12 Gozne – La Botica (Palenke Soulltribe Remix) (Chile – Colombia / Epa Sonidos)
13 Qapac – Viajecito (Perú / Regional (Unreleased))
14 DJ Nirso – Cumbiambera Tripolar (Brasil / Regional (Unreleased))
15 Los Ilusionistas – Colegiala (Sonidos Profundos Dub) (Perú / Terror Negro Records)
16 Babylon Motorhome – Comocumbia (Bucare Dub por Ortega&Cassette) (Venezuela / Pilla Records)
17 Frente Cumbiero meets Mad Professor – La Bocachico Dub (Colombia / Independiente)
18 Loko Bonó – Yakemé Dub (Perú / Terror Negro Records)
19 BNegão & Seletores De Frequência – Sintoniza Lá (Brasil / Independiente)
20 Bongo Laser ft Gaston Lober – Agite Sudamérica (Argentina / Independiente)

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