Electronic Label Panal Records Celebrates Two Years With A Double Album Compilation

By 22 March, 2018

A young, digital electronic music label in Chile is showing people how to do things the right way and get away with it too. It’s crazy how many things they have achieved in just two years. Maybe it’s the humble attitude and love for music shown by label heads Kamila Govorcin and Elias Deepman that has been the key to their success.

One of the finest achievements of Panal Records has been that of establishing a good relationship with the scene and building a community around them. Their new twin-pack anniversary compilation shows clearly this connection though them joining forces with friends from different crews, and also through their invites to pioneering Chilean electronic music producers.

On the two-sided compilation, you can find a iconic figure in the scene, such as Pol Del Sur, and classic Modismo label representative Alisu, alongside RBMA alumni Buen Clima and White Sample, who is also a very active member of the Panal Records crew. Also in the mix is Pueblo Nuevo label head Frank Benkho (Mika Martini), Pirotecnia and Discos Pegaos affiliated Fantasna and the first solo original track by Castro, of Roman & Castro. A very nice sample of the house and techno landscape in Chile.

Panal Records’ Various Artists (2º Aniversary) side A and side B are now available on Bandcamp.

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