Everything Flowed Naturally: An Interview with Perrosky

By 21 September, 2011

Perrosky are a down and dirty blues band from Chile. Comprised of two brothers Alejandro and Álvaro Gómez, their last (and fourth) album Tostado was recorded with legendary nu-blues man Jon Spencer at the helm in his studio in New York. They have recently played in Brazil as well as Primavera Sounds in Barcelona and are definitely one to watch. We sat down with lead singer and guitarist Alejandro for a chat about music.

You recently played some shows in Brazil. How was it?

We got back last month. It was incredible!

What is the music scene like in Santiago at the moment?

I think that it is very active, there are many bands, talented and eager to do things.

A lot of these bands fit into the electro pop or dream pop style. How do Perrosky fit into this environment?

Yes, I think there are many bands and solo artists that would be within that style, that is what you might say is fashionable, but really there are many bands of all kinds and many bands do not know. There is a lot of diversity in styles and artists in general.

I think it’s great that things are happening on an artistic level in Chile, and from what I could see outside [referring to the trip to Brazil], we have a good level and this is gratifying.

We do what we do because we like it and think that like this you can fit in anywhere, we are always asked to play with bands with very different styles, but the taste for music and our job is what we have in common.

When did Perrosky start?

Perrosky started as a solo project of mine, with the cassette Añejo, which is basically a compilation of recordings made in my room and finally thanks to my friends they gave me the courage to show it.

Then my brother Alvaro joined on drums on the release Otra Vez, an EP of 5 songs but it’s where I think was where we took the form and strength of what the band is today.

Which bands or artists have influenced the sound of Perrosky?

There are many, of which I would now say: Roberto Parra, several grupos rancheros that we heard in the streets and cities, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Robert Johnson, Jesse Fuller, Mississippi Fred McDowell, The Doors, Hasil Adkins, Charles Mingus, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, RL Burnside, Jon Spencer and a great Etc ….

What’s the news with the new album? Are you releasing as a vinyl and download, like many other Chilean artists?

In October 2010 we released our last album Tostado which we have been promoting for nearly all of 2011, and now we have the opportunity to make a co-production with the vinyl distributor Discos Rio Bueno.

I think it’s a great honour to have our music in this format, vinyl is what it’s all about.

How did Jon Spencer become involved with the production of the album?

It started by a conversation with Matt Verta-Ray (co-owner of N.Y. Hed Studio and Heavy Trash guitarist) who was the link between us and Jon Spencer who apparently became interested in the proposal.

Once we were in the studio everything flowed very naturally, it was a very entertaining and mutual experience, providing us with lots of ideas and details very simple but for very rich songs, he is a very perceptive person and we learned a lot from both (Jon and Matt), on how to deal with studio work in a very playful way. And the study was amazing, for people who like analog and vintage, I recommend it 100%, it made us feel at home.

Who are your favourite artists old and new from Chile?

Old, I’ll go for Roberto Parra. In truth I don’t know much about Chilean folklore, but he was one that made an impression.

Currently I could recommend Guiso, Philipina Bitch, Hielo Negro, The Ganjas, Fernando Milagros, Gepe, Watchout, Felipe Cadenasso, Leo Quinteros, Matorral, The Versions, Los Chinches … to name a few.

Would you be able to recommend a single album from any of these?

Roberto Parra – Los tiempos de la Negra Ester

Guiso – El Sonido

Philipina Bitch – Te Papayas y Completos

Hielo Negro – Patagonia Rock

The Ganjas – Daybreak

Fernando Milagros – Por Su Atención Gracias

Gepe – Gepinto

Watchout – To Live and Leave

Cadenasso – El Movimiento

Leo Quinteros – Ahora!

Matorral – Resonancia en la Zona Central

Los Chinches – Los Chinches

Internationally who do you most look up to?

Uff! There are many … that music would be without its history and its heroes.

I could name a few, but the list is endless …

“Atahualpa Yupanqui” Master.

“The SAIC” The First Punk and Garage directly from Peru.

“Hasil Adkins” a genius for his time.

“Chuck Berry” The King.

“Jon Spencer” a visionary.

Can you tell us something interesting about Chile that nobody really knows?

I think it will be the last place in the world to disappear…

And we have the best sandwiches!

What are your plans? What are Perrosky up to next?

It is always difficult to answer this question …

At present, we are recording a new album for 2012.

And we continue to discover the world through our music and the people who give us invaluable support.

And I hope we keep the spirit and the desire to continue playing until very old …

Perrosky are also responsible for the Algo Records label in Chile, which releases their records. You can listen to more from the band at myspace.com/losperrosky.

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