Get Lost In Sound With The Debut EP From Chile’s Psychedelic Rockers Cochebomba

By 13 July, 2018

Coming from the south of Chile, progressive rock is part of Cochebomba‘s makeup, but what is most interesting about this band is the blend that they’ve created with that genre,  mixing elements of rap, electronic music and tropical psychedelia.

Just like their name, Cochebomba (“Car Bomb”) are an explosive project of six men that take turns with instruments like filtered guitars, Latin Percussion and analogue electronics. Their tracks vary between long near-instrumental pieces and more vocal structured songs, so you know there is plenty of versatility.

This self-titled 5-song EP is an interesting introduction to a band aiming to create even more hypnotic sonic experiments to make your mind wander. Released by Ponk Records, it was mastered in Brooklyn by Mauricio Díaz, also known as underground electronic producer Sokio.

Download Cochebomba on Bandcamp

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