Our top picks for SXSW 2017

By 09 March, 2017

The SXSW Music Festival is one of the largest and most influential global music industry events of the year, taking place every March in Austin, Texas. We’re delighted to announce our picks for those lucky enough to attend... Read Article

REVIEW Meridian Brothers – Salvadora Robot

By 01 July, 2014

Listening to Salvadora Robot, the new album from Colombia’s Meridian Brothers, you get the feeling that Eblis Álvarez was one of those kids at school who willfully avoided fitting in with the crowd, who maintained an aloof detachment... Read Article

REVIEW D MinGus – Fricçao

By 26 November, 2013

Even though this is the age of remixing, repurposing, rescuing lost sounds and re-contextualizing old popular ones, it’s still quite hard for musicians to create a coherent intersection between the elements of each genre or style without sounding... Read Article

New video: Colectro ‘Magende’

By 15 August, 2013

It’s always ‘puro vacilón’ when our favorite Bogotá, Colombia,-based Barranquilleros release new music.  Colectro, which dub their style of folkloric-tinged rock music as coletera, have gifted fans with quite the psychedelic track in ‘Magende.’ The video features the psychedelic journey of... Read Article