Independent Chilean Labels Showcased at Red Bull Music Festival

By 19 October, 2018

On Saturday 27th October, as part of the Red Bull Music Festival in Santiago, five independent Chilean labels will take over select houses in the historic Barrio Yungay, as part of the “Barrio Mio” segment of the event. Each label is defined by their respective explorations into unchartered electro and hip-hop territory.

Discos Pegaos will inhabit Peluquería Francesa (Compañía 2789), endearing to explore the realms of electro, showcasing its artists that constantly push boundaries, unafraid of experimental beats.

Lunar Tapes moves into the newly restored Casona Y (Huérfanos 2917), their sound journeying across the world of beat-making, taking it back to the old school with cassette tapes dedicated to throwback breaks and instrumental hip hop tracks.

Diamante brings the club to Sastrería Goya (Compañía 2808), the atmospheric music of its artists sounding out a totally fresh, futuristic vibe. Equipped with synths, samplers and both analog and digital DJ sets, this house and techno showcase promises to be odd yet thrilling.

Cazaría Cazador claims to incorporate sounds that range from Britney Spears to Krautrock. They’ll be in Café Brunet (Compañía 2695), their artists combining music with performance, visuals, and art for a singular showcase event.

Lastly, Panal occupies Casa Lavaud (Compañía 2799). This is a label that refuses to be confined to any genre, signing an array of artists that only share the need to make climatic crescendos and astounding beats.

For more info:

Discos Pegaos, Panal, Lunar Tapes, Cazería Cazador, Diamante
Barrio Yungay 16:00 – 21.00 hrs

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