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By | 12 April, 2016

The year has only just started, and already we’ve got a full digital crate of fresh Chilean electronic music to get packed and off to the club. This is definitely a sign of what’s currently happening in this isolated country, where techno and future club music are pushing the envelope while keeping the nightlife alive. The scene is getting tighter and more on point than at any time before.

Recent events are proof of what we are talking about: a rave in an historic ex-hospital organized by Club Mamba; the Red Bull Music Academy three spot party, Barrio Mio, where you can move from one party to another with just one ticket; and this month’s festival, Bosque Libre, located on the outskirts of the Metropolitan Region, close to the Andes in Cajón Del Maipo, that has put together some of the best live electronic acts, like Tribu Austral, White Sample and F600, among others.

A number of new labels have shown up, including I S L A, Panal Records and Club Sauna, the last deriving from the events hosted by Andrea Paz, Roman, Pety Blue and Diegors, with regular club nights and visits of international guests like Dany F, Daniel Maloso and Sano. So anyway, besides partying all the time, there is also time for producing high quality music, and now you can get a taste of the sounds that are currently making people dance at Chile’s underground parties.

Various Artists – Fireworks Vol. 1 (Pirotecnia)
Emerging with the first big wave of mainstream hip-hop in Chile, DJ Raff has built a name all of his own. Time has passed and the interest of the ever growing musicologist has him now working with many of the most promising dance music projects, such as Fantasna, Daniel Klauser, Roman & Castro, Guerra, Fernanda Arrau and the international guest Nehuen. All packed on Fireworks Vol. 1 with a beautiful artwork by Coni Aravena.

Vaskular – Meta Remixes (Discos Pegaos)
The idea of building an honest and integrated music scene is implicit in the name of Discos Pegaos. Everyone in the crew has creative bonds with both hip-hop and electronic music, a background with black music that may be the reason why you get a very Detroit or Chicago feel on their records. On Meta Remixes, Vaskular, one of the crew’s founders, has put his best beats at the disposition of various club DJs.

Kamila Govorcin – Vibraciones EP (Panal Records)
It’s always good to see more female producers stepping up and Kamila Govorcin makes it extra special by expressing her creativity on her own label. Founded with Elias Deepman, Panal is the place for all things dub techno. Vibraciones EP is profound but also very danceable.

Lata – Litoral Central EP (M-A-O)
Andrew Collyer covers an extensive range of genres with his Lata outfit, renowned in both the tropical bass network and the international dub circuit. His latest work, Litoral Central EP, is more techno oriented and was mainly produced by the beach, so besides being synthetic, the vibe is very organic.

Aoraquï – Techne (Clang)
A woman voice filtered and layered through electronic beats. This experiment is the combination of the virtuosity of singer Renata Anaya and the skills of the emblematic electronic artist Daniel Jeffs. Techne, the Greek word for technique, is an apt choice for the name of this three-track EP.

Mister Teen – La Casa Amarilla EP (Clandestine Music)
From the north of Chile, Martin Delgado produces Latin-infused tracks. On La Casa Amarilla EP, Mister Teen leaves the congas aside, and goes heavy on techno and house rhythms, styles that he also loves to play, showing that moving between different genres is not a sin, especially in 2016.

Nntblst – Special Defects (Recycled Plastics)
The North American label Recycled Plastics is the home for the first full length material by long time underground DJ and producer Nntblst. On Special Defects the album progresses like a binnacle of memories where Octavio Obaid puts down his influences with a futuristic vision.

Zacarías Malden – Rítmica (Pueblo Nuevo)
Alternate persona of Gozne, the multifaceted producer who has released various works on Epa Sonidos and Pueblo Nuevo. Always experimenting with different retro synths and new media, Rítmica is almost a thesis on rhythm, playing with error, deformation and even the absence of those things.

Young Son – Acid Memories (Discos Cetaceos)
With aliases like Grandsonbeats and Niet Christ behind him, Young Son is the new ambient project from Christian Nieto. His signature analogue sound is present, but its a trip to hear the deeper shades of acid on offer here. Taking this journey even further, the release comes with remixes by Nabucodonosor and Morten HD.

Gargales – Vol. I (No Problema Tapes)
Out next week, Gargales is the solo project of Pablo Muñoz, from the duo De Janeiros. Renowned for being the part of the production team behind releases by Motivado, Fakuta and Maifersoni, on this first release, he explores the upbeat areas of krautrock and progressive electronics.

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