Slick R&B and Slow Reggaeton on New Album from Chile’s MET Music

By 19 June, 2020

Skipping the street fights and druggy references, Chilean música urbana group MET Music are making melodic pop mixed with contemporary genres, ranging from reggaeton to trap, but always with a smooth treatment closer to R&B. This is complemented with lyrics of chemistry, intimacy and romantic topics that go beyond talk of instant crushes and one night stands.

With Toffy and Trackdee on vocals, and KPBS and Airlaps on production duties, the crew reached out to Nasa and Dunub for fresh beats, and invited Ceaese, Zizzy and Poison Kid to the booth. The release of Morgana, their latest effort, is looking to reap what they have been sowing for years as part of the underground scene in the north of Chile.

Morgana is avalable on Spotify and other platforms

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