By 08 April, 2020

Urban music in Latin America found its way to the mainstream just as rap did in North America in the 90s, mixing street level stories with inescapable rhythms that mixed the classic with the new. In the case... Read Article

REVIEW HiedraH Club De Baile – Esquirlas

By 06 July, 2018

Similar to compatriots NAAFI in North America, HiedraH Club De Baile are combining the forces of the underground electronic scene, but they’re doing it for the southern tip of South America, stemming from Argentina, building an army of... Read Article

REVIEW Jeffrey

By 16 April, 2018

Jeffrey (2016) is a docudrama from Dominican filmmaker Yanillys Perez, following a young boy who cleans car windscreens in the busy traffic jams of Santo Domingo and dreams of becoming a reggaeton singer like one of his nine... Read Article