Watch The Process Behind Chilean Graffiti Artist Basco Vazko’s New Mural ‘Internet’

By 29 November, 2017

Persa Victor Manuel is one of a number of block complexes that forms what is colloquially called ‘Persa Biobío’ in Santiago’s Barrio Franklin. It’s arguably one of the most peculiar complexes in the area, giving that this one contains vintage vinyl records, restored furniture and classic antiques. Nowadays, the place is constantly-transforming with art interventions and new stores and restaurants being opened, which everyone hopes won’t affect the realness of the place.

A new addition to one of the old warehouses is a celling mural by renowned graffiti artist Basco Vazko. With experience on the streets of Brazil (alongiside OSGEMEOS), USA and France, Basco is one of the first in Chile to master abstract forms and different pictorial techniques, with collage as the centre of his work. This latest piece, titled Internet, acts as a metaphor for what he and a lot of people do these days in their hyperconnected worlds.

For this particular project, commissioned by architect Sebastián Cuevas, from the Persa Victor Manuel administration, the process was recorded and can now be seen in the short documentary below. Directed by emerging director Felipe Cifra S. with the help of Magdalena Vial in photography, the short film is soundtracked by electronic producer Tomás Urquieta.

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