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Ali Gua Gua, Mare Advertencia & Son Rompe Pera Embark on Kaleidoscopic Cumbia Adventure in New Stop Motion Video

By 17 February, 2022

Three major names on the alternative Mexican music scene right now have joined forces to create a memorable fusion of cumbia, marimba, hip hop, and electronica, with an even more memorable video. 

“Ay Ke Cumbión”, produced by DJ Rambón, is the new single from Ali Gua Gua featuring Mare Advertencia and Son Rompe Pera. Ali Gua Gua’s signature ‘post-tropical’ sound is evident throughout, with some Oaxacan rap and punk marimba thrown into the mix. The musical backbone of the song can certainly be attributed to the DJ, who provides the psychedelic, Latin-infused beats that hold the entire song together. The unmistakable sound of Son Rompe Pera’s marimba and a rap section by Mare Advertencia ensures the diverse sound of modern alternative Mexican music is not forgotten in this carefully fused piece of work. 

“Ay Ke Cumbión” was released in 2021, but we are only now treated with the accompanying music video, showcasing a mix of animated scenes with the group of musicians playing together against a kaleidoscopic backdrop. A nod to the complex, yet fascinating, musical fusion. Directed by Dolores de Bernardo, the stop motion video took almost a year to create, from creative conception to finish. Certainly, a video that impeccably portrays the group of musicians’ distinct creative madness could not be made overnight. There’s no doubt that the video for “Ay Ke Cumbión” has been well worth the wait!

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