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Under The Influence: Cankita

By 19 July, 2022

Born in Tumaco, Nariño in the Pacific Coast region of Colombia, Juan Carlos Mindinero, aka Cankita, is a well-known figure within the region’s music scene. Staying true to the oral tradition and legacies of the Pacific Coast, Cankita... Read Article

New Colombian Music Vault #9

By 14 July, 2022

Our Colombia correspondent Jenna Mackle picks out some of the most important recent releases from Colombia. La Ruca y el Quinde “Rumba pa’ Goza“ La Ruca y el Quinde is one of the new group of talented artists... Read Article

New Colombian Music Vault #8

By 08 February, 2022

We’re kicking off the new year in style with a great mix of new music from Colombia. A blend of releases from the tail end of 2021 and the start of 2022, we have some fantastic sounds from... Read Article

New Colombian Music Vault #7

By 22 September, 2021

Our seventh installment of the Colombian Music Vault features a perfect blend of old favourites and newer discoveries. From the Pacific Coast, through Medellín, to the Andes, this new list of ‘must listen to’ sounds are taken from... Read Article

New Colombian Music Vault #5

By 14 May, 2021

The next installment of Colombian Music Vault is being released during a period of fear and sadness for the country. Widespread protests, beginning on April 28th, have been met with severe police brutality resulting in hundreds of people... Read Article

In Memoriam: Antonio Caro

By 06 May, 2021

Antonio Caro, a highly regarded Colombian artist, known for his work with conceptualism, died on March 29th 2021, aged 71.  First gaining widespread recognition across South America in the 1970s and 80s, Antonio Caro’s work came to be... Read Article