Felipe Orjuela: Exclusive Release on Sounds and Colours

By 14 September, 2023

The Bogotá-based multi-instrumentalist and one of the main protagonists within the alternative Cumbia-fusion scene in the capital today, Felipe Orjuela has just released his first solo album. Here on Sounds and Colours we have an exclusive sneak preview of the video for “Equis de Siete (Mala Cara)”. 

Released with In-Correcto, El Derroche presents us with Orjuela’s rich interpretation of the diversity of rhythms that Colombia has to offer. From cumbia to guaracha and salsa, Orjuela has left no stone unturned with his deep dive into the musical history of Colombian tropical rhythms. 

Not only are we treated to hearing Orjuela’s individual talent across a variety of instruments (guitar, percussion, bass, singing, piano, accordion and synthesisers), but El Derroche is also heavily focused on collaboration and on showcasing the diversity of modern-day Bogotano music. It features well-known artists such as Iván Medellín, Gato ‘e Monte, Gabriela Ponce, Duplat and more.

“The album has been a beautiful and collaborative process. It’s ironic because it’s my first solo album, but I was surrounded by friends and incredible musicians who believed in my music and worked with me on it,” Orjuela explains.

“Equis De Siete” is the last track on the album, leaving us with Orjuela’s interpretation of one of the most renowned genres in Latin American music, salsa. Taking inspiration from the likes of Los Exagerados de Panamá, Fruko y Sus Tesos, and Alfredo Linares, the number was written one morning before Orjuela headed off to work. Recorded in the way it would have been for many of these Salsa bands in the ‘60s and ‘70s, “Equis de Siete” brought all the musicians together to record during a single afternoon only. Sounds and Colours is pleased to bring you the video of this collaboration in action. 

Check out Felipe Orjuela’s full album, El Derroche, here: https://in-correcto.bandcamp.com/album/in-correcto-136-el-derroche

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