PREMIÈRE: Verito Asprilla + Li Saumet Celebrate Femininity on ‘Apoteósica’

By 15 March, 2024

Rapidly rising Tumaco star Verito Asprilla joins forces with one of the most recognised female powerhouses in Colombian music today, Li Saumet, on new release “Apoteósica”.  

A momentous meeting that’s sure to pave the way for future endeavours between the Tumaqueña and Bomba Estereo star, the track is produced by fellow Colombian producer, Cerrero. Diego Gomez was one of the first to work with Li Saumet before her rise to fame with the likes of Bomba Estereo, Bad Bunny and more, and it was him who ignited the spark of this much-awaited collaboration. 

Bridging divides across the country from the Caribbean to the Pacific, this new dynamic duo are taking música colombiana to new meanings. 

“Apoteósica” is a celebration of female empowerment, with this word signifying the utmost appreciation for your feminine companion and their divine femininity. The track unites the distinct prowess of each of these two artists to form a visionary synergy, as Verito and Li showcase their own interpretations of what it means to be a female musician in the male-dominated music industry in Colombia. 

The track bounces between the women’s playful dialogue and a range of rhythms taken from the creative context of this musically diverse country, grounding us in the local and the global, from Colombia and beyond. Seizing the infectious influence of global African diaspora music, the track transports its foundation in South African amapiano to the tropics of the South American musical jewel that is Colombia with the Tumaqueña soul that Verito encapsulates. 

At just 20 years old, Verito has become a viral sensation within Colombia. Now, with a planned tour through some of the gigging hotspots of Europe; London, Berlin and Zurich, Verito’s alluring potential is soon to reach audiences much further afield. 

“Apoteósica” is an example of the modern-day female-centred approach to musical production in Colombia. It will be Discos Pacífico’s first release for 2024, signalling the creative possibilities that are yet to come for this innovative and unparalleled label. We’re sure this anthemic celebration of feminine unity and power will fill European dancefloors this summer.  

Don’t miss the premiere of “Apoteósica” on Sounds and Colours today. Let this forceful femininity transport you from the coasts of Colombia across the Atlantic and back. 

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