Biomigrant & Plu Con Pla – En Defensa de Sus Dioses

By 13 October, 2023

US producer and multi-instrumentalist, Biomigrant, pairs up with one of the leading Tumaqueño Pacific-fusion bands on the scene right now, Plu Con Pla. 

A new take on fusing traditional Pacific forms with global electronics, ‘En Defense de Sus Dioses,’ combines the best of both worlds. With Plu Con Pla’s talent for Afro-diasporic rhythms such as Currulao, Reggae, Afrobeat and Hip Hop, and Biomigrant’s well-travelled, dance-influenced beats, this new EP is set to be included on the long list of Colombian dance-floor classics. 

‘En Defensa de Sus Dioses’ contains numerous traditional Pacific forms from Currulao, Bunde Callejero and more. Adding further tradition to the mix, the entire EP features snippets of real interviews with Harold Tenorio’s (director of Plu Con Pla) parents, Laylys Quiñones and Francisco Tenorio. These audios air common themes of discussion around the Pacific Coast today: the environment, spirituality and the recovery of traditional music and culture. 

Featuring other key collaborations including El Búho, Japanese producer Yosi Horikawa and Cerrero, ‘En Defensa de Sus Dioses’ is one not to miss for all you Pacific-fusion lovers out there. Listen to the full EP via special premiere on Sounds and Colours here:

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