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Discos Pacifico Present New Web Series Giving Insider’s Guide to Petronio Álvarez Festival

By 14 October, 2022

The Petronio Álvarez festival has grown to be one of Colombia’s biggest and most loved festivals, hosting more than 300,000 attendees across its week-long tenure this year. A celebration of all things Pacific: gastronomy, alcohol (viche), dance, and music, Petronio has become the biggest event of the year for anyone interested in the region’s culture. 

And every year seems to get bigger. Not only the number of attendees but the level of musicianship on show and the number of famous bands taking the stage. The 2022 edition of Petronio saw the likes of Nidia Gongora, Toto La Momposina, and ChocQuibTown perform. 

If you’ve never had the chance to venture to Cali to experience the Petronio with your own eyes, now you can delve into the true atmosphere of what it’s really like as Discos Pacifico, the record label focusing on showcasing new and traditional music solely from the Pacific Coast, has developed a four-part series – there will be an episode released every week until 1st November – that takes us through Latin America’s biggest Afro-culture festival. This mini-documentary series is hosted by Verito Asprilla, Tumaco’s newest and rising star. 

Check out the first episode below to experience a taster of Colombia’s Pacific Coast culture:

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