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Third Chapter from Discos Pacífico’s Insider Guide to Petronio, Colombia’s Renowned Afro-Latin Festival

By 31 October, 2022

As if we haven’t been spoiled enough with two episodes of the Insider Guide to Petronio, plus a bonus Petronio-focused playlist by Discos Pacífico, the third instalment has just arrived showcasing even more of the largest Afro festival in Latin America. 

The third chapter opens with an authentic look into the overall energy and vibes of Petronio, with host Verito Asprilla’s music blasting from a car stereo system in the middle of the street. Verito then continues to take us on a tour of the artisanal handcrafts area of the festival. Here, you can see not only traditional instruments on sale but clothes, jewellery, art, beauty products and more. All, of course, taking inspiration from the continent of Africa and its sounds, traditions and designs.

It wouldn’t be a Discos Pacífico Insider Guide to Petronio without some backstage footage and exclusive interviews with some of the artists playing. In this instalment, Verito chats with Ruca y el Quinde de Barbacoas and even with the Festival Director, Ana Copete. 

Don’t miss the third instalment of Discos Pacifico’s insider guide to the Petronio Álvarez Festival.

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