Caballito es Colombia Mixtape

By 08 June, 2011

Last week we brought you the best new music from Brazil. This week, it’s Colombia’s turn and we have an exclusive mix from Caballito mixing the latest electro-cumbia and tropical bass coming out of the country.

Caballito are a duo from Spain with a real love for Colombia, as can be heard on this excellent mixtape. Featuring remixes of cumbia classics by Pluma y Sus Cumbareros and Lisandro Meza as well as new music from the likes of Choc Quib Town, Bombombum and DJ Pucho, and remixes from Bigote (i.e. half of Caballito), it’s a fine introduction to the digital re-imagings of Colombian music happening right now around the world.

For more new music from Colombia head over to JungleDrums where they have posted a new mix from Caballo (continuing the equine theme). Each week during June both Sounds and Colours and JungleDrums will be posting a mix each of new music from Latin America, so keep coming back each Wednesday for the next instalment!!

To find out more about Caballito as well as listen to more of their great mixes head over to

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