El Picó — Mixtape of Afro-Colombian music

By 19 June, 2010

Fabian Altahona is the man behind Africolombia, a blog celebrating Afro-Colombian music. Regularly updated, it’s one of the best sources on the web for linking African and Colombian music. There is constantly new music to explore thanks to original vinyl which has been uploaded, including all art work. Fabian seemed like the obvious man to ask then for a playlist focusing on exactly this type of music.

Below are the songs he chose as well as a link to listen to the entire mix:

1. Lizandro Meza – El Shacalao
2. Los Pambele – Cannabis
3. Afrosound – Carruseles
4. Joselo y Manny Delgado – El Pavo Lucas
5. Wganda Kenya – El Abanico
6. Fruko y sus tesos – Cachumbembé
7. Wganda Kenya – Fiebre de Lepra
8. Alfredito Linares – Tihuanaco
9.Grupo Africa – Kila Kila
10.Pacho Galan – Marquito Vanegas
11.Danny Rivera – Todos Estan Sordos
12. Cumbia Siglo XX -African Kung-Fu

Download This mix is no longer available

There were unfortunately three songs that Fabian asked for that I was unable to get hold of. These were Mi Guaganco by Orquesta Tipica Tropical, Vouken by Cumbia Moderna de Soledad as well as Anibal Velasquez’s Mambo Loco. Here is, however, a video for the latter of these songs:

And one last thing. If you’re looking for something to do have a read of Fabian’s guide to Picós (in Spanish), the elaborately-designed sound systems of Colombia, is definitely worth checking out.

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