Las Muiscas Pay Tribute to Metronomy and Bird-Inspired Mixtape in Latest Cumbia Instalment

By 08 July, 2020

We’ve arrived at the second instalment of Cumbia In-Gobernable (Ungovernable Cumbia). Thanks to Colombia’s Sello In-Correcto, Los Rulos Vinyl Club, and La Sonora Mazurén, we are able to indulge in an entire month dedicated to the best of cumbia!

This week we are treated to Las Muiscas‘ new track, “Cumbia del Metrónomo”. Released by Sello In-Correcto, this single is part of a 5-song EP that was recorded live in Bogotá’s notorious alternative music venue, Matik-Matik. 

Opening with the tambor alegre and customary cumbia chanting vocal style, “Cumbia del Metrónomo” takes us back to the genre’s traditional performance style, while taking inspiration and borrowing the main melody line from Metronomy’s electro-pop hit “The Look”. The musical fusion of these raw cumbia forms with innovative guitar and infectious electronic keys reminds us of the stylistic development that cumbia has undergone, and Las Muiscas noteworthy position within this.  

Cumbia del Metrónomo will be released on 10th July and is available from and The Las Muiscas EP will be released on 17th July.

Los Rulos Vinyl Club have also gifted us with a cumbia mix from DJ Lamento Naúfrago. Taking a slight departure from last week’s theme showcasing some of the most powerful female musicians in cumbia, this mix deals with the theme of birds, whether explicitly or implicitly referred to in the content of each piece. We take a look at the best of cumbia through the ages with great names such as Andrés Landero, Peru’s Los Mirlos, Pernett, Ondatropica, and more. 

Watch this space for next week’s edition of Cumbia In-Gobernable featuring the new album from La Sonora Mazurén and more!

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