Lulacruza “Pensar Bonito”

By 18 February, 2015

Do you remember Esperando el Tsunami? It was an incredible documentary made by French film-maker Vincent Moon and Colombian/Argentine duo Lulacruza as they moved deeper and deeper into Colombia, both physically and spiritually. That film came out in 2011 and still stands out as one of the purest examples of film, music and nature converging as one.

Now, that journey is having a second life in the shape of a new album, also called Esperando el Tsunami and which will be an audio-visual release, combining film made during that trip as well as new compositions created by Lulacruza, including audio recorded back then and since then. The first taster of the release is “Pensar Bonito”, introduced here by Lulacruza themselves:

“The “Pensar Bonito” video is the first release in a nine-song visual album titled Esperando el Tsunami, a follow-up to their popular 2011 documentary film of the same name. The visual album follows the band as they perform new and favourite songs in ancestral lands throughout Colombia that honour the voices of the country’s diverse landscape.”

This particular video was recorded in Parque Tayrona, Magdalena. Keep an eye on Lulacruza’s YouTube for further updates.

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