‘Música A La Carta’ Provides An Online Portal to Bogotá’s Local Music and Culture

By 09 June, 2021

Música A La Carta is a new musical venture by Nicolas Junca (previously guitarist of Monsieur Perine), showcasing local, independent music from Bogotá, Colombia. 

Nicolas Junca

Of all the sectors that have struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic, none have been more affected than Colombia’s cultural sector. In a bid to re-activate the local arts economy, Música A La Carta works alongside local government, entrepreneurs, and restaurants in Teusaquillo, Bogotá. By presenting musical ‘experiences’ which include gastronomy from local venues, Música A La Carta provides you with one of the most local experiences of alternative Bogotá from your own home. 

The shows have been adapted to include online experiences with a cultural gastronomic twist. These ‘clandestine’ style shows are available in person through a variety of venues, cafes and restaurants, and online through Zoom experiences. 

The whole idea of Música A La Carta is to provide an interactive experience for the audience. Much like what you would experience in a restaurant, Música A La Carta allows the audience members to choose their setlist for the night. Placing importance on the interaction from the audience, the musicians are using this as a platform to adapt their work to the audience’s needs. 

The musical program features a wide variety of artists that are circulating on the underground Bogotá music scene, with upcoming artists to include Lunalé, Los Rolling Gruanas and Reymar Perdomo. 

These musicians will not only be playing their own music, but there are a variety of themed nights of music from around Latin America: spotlighting Chavela Vargas from Mexico, as well as nights for bolero, bossa nova and música pacifico night. 

Choosing to highlight alternative and independent artists, Música A La Carta is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn more about the scene. The experiences include a short chat about the context of the music and what’s to come. Música A La Carta is an interactive space to learn and experience local Bogotano music from wherever you are in the world. 

Check out the full program and how to join in on these online experiences at lagrieta.com.co/live-music-experiences

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