New Music: ‘Carnavalera’ by Bomba Estereo & Systema Solar

By 29 March, 2019

Another Carnaval of Barranquilla has come and gone, but a new song by Colombia’s Bomba Estereo and Systema Solar keeps the party going.

The lyrics of “Carnavalera” focus on the joy, diversity, community and powerful energy of South America’s second largest carnival, while encouraging everyone to extend these practices to our daily lives for the rest of the year.

Yo traigo alegría pa´mi corazón, pa´tu corazón, pa´ los corazones” (I bring joy to my heart, to your heart, to my hearts)

Bomba Estéreo founder, Simón Mejía, said carnaval is the consummation of all of the cultures across Colombia and Latin America.

“It’s a mixture of the powerful roots that intermingle among this shared musical experience without social, sexual or racial labels. This is how the world should be all the time,” he said.

Systema Solar vocalist Walter Hernández also made a pitch for the shared experience of Carnival.

“With ‘Carnavalera,’ we enjoy and share the challenge of creativity that unites humanity in a ritual of inherent celebration, one that lasts far longer than four days. There will always be Carnaval,” he said.

Stream the song below, and look out for the official music video, which should drop in a couple of weeks.

**UPDATE (25/04/19): The official video for “Carnavalera” has now been released. Check it out below:

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