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PREMIÈRE: Acid Coco Offer Up Psychedelic, Cross-dressing Explosion of Punk and Reggaeton Vibes

By 05 August, 2020

Lockdown: it’s been a trying time for creativity, in particular if you are Colombia-based – where the quarantine has been extended countrywide until the end of August. As politics begin to crumble and the country is caught up in the maelstrom of the pandemic, respite can be found in reminiscing about better times and sweaty dance-fuelled summer nights.

This is where Acid Coco’s second single comes in, charged with emotions and beats that transport you back to the country’s Caribbean coast, famed for it’s champeta and more traditional cumbia, porro and bullerengue. However, if you are thinking of Totó La Momposina, then think again, Acid Coco are ready to turn everything you think you know on its head, as “El Amor de Mis Amores” is a psychedelic, cross-dressing explosion through three minutes of super-charged energy.

“It’s about fleeting, intoxicating love,” says singer Andrea, who has previously performed with Colombian reggae band DonKey Records, prior to musical projects in Miami and Berlin. “They were the love of our loves, but then they left and we got on with our lives.”

“It’s our way of talking about the tragi-comedy that we live every day of our lives. We’re used to making fun of everything”, adds Paulo Olarte, the second half of the duo, who is a well-known figure in the EDM scene, and also records as La Jungla and El Dragón Criollo.

“El Amor de Mis Amores” is an explosion through a roller coaster of punk and reggaeton-infused vibes. Memories from both past and present all pent up and set to explode. If you are a lover of Bomba and Lido but looking to shake up your playlist, then check these lot out.

“El Amor de Mis Amores” will be released on Friday 7th August via El Palmas Music and available for pre-save here. It’s the second single from Acid Coco’s debut album, Mucho Gusto, set for release on 2nd October 2020.

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