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Top 10 Salsa Choke Songs You Need to Hear

By 03 September, 2015

This October, Cali will host its 10th annual World Salsa Festival, and I wonder if any teams will showcase some salsa choke moves during the competitions.

Salsa choke is a genre mixing Afro-based rhythms and traditional salsa with reggaeton. Originally from Tumaco, Salsa choke was brought to Cali by the Pacific Coast population who have been displaced there due to the violence caused by the ongoing civil war. In contrast to the reasons for their arrival, the music reflects the liveliness of salsa culture. Salsa choke became international after Colombia’s National Soccer Team danced choke after every win at the 2014 World Cup.

Today salsa choke has taken over the Colombian salsa scene and is the new dance everyone and their mama is trying to learn. Check out some of the hot songs out now.

Salsa Choke Top 10

“Salsa & Choke” by Chocquibtown

“Ras Tas Tas” by Cali Flow Latino

“Semaforo” by Corazones 3D Feat Casanova

“La Rumba Va Sola” by Los Traviesos

“Integracion Casanova” by La Tusa

“Swagga” by Cali Flow Latino

“Sueltate” by CJ Castro

“Taca Tucuta” by Joel Mosquera

“Limon Con Sal” by Rimante feat Santy

“Clean” by Mishelle Master Boys

And a little extra, here’s a great video of a young Colombian girl dancing salsa choke:

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