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Pahua and Barzo Release ‘Bahía’ for World Water Day

By 22 March, 2021

In time for World Water Day, Costa Rican DJ and producer, Barzo, and Mexican singer-songwriter and DJ, Pahua, combine their artistry in the electro-trópico single “Bahía”.

Pahua’s serene, light vocals direct the track and speak of our most valuable natural element: water; the different ways to interact with it and the need for humans to value its importance. Through the release, the duo are also supporting various water sanitisation and conservation organisations.

When the track opens with two stripped-back electronic piano chords and a drum kit, you might think the song is going somewhere towards outdated pop, but you’re soon drawn in by a silky feeling created from a mixture of hypnotic percussion, staircase synths and sweet vocals.

There are electro moments that take you to the techno jungle parties of Tulum, but Pahua’s spiritual vocals and an honest tambor lead you back into the forest, with a winning whistle that flits between bird-like and Bhangra.

The range of production demonstrated in “Bahía” attests to the fact Barzo has produced official remixes for eclectic global artists like Janelle Monáe, Erykah Badu, Boy George, A-Trak and Dillon Francis. But through his Costa Rica-based record label, Lácteo Cósmico, Barzo specialises in Latin American alternative music, specifically representing Central America’s independent music scene.

Barzo has collaborated with and, through Lácteo Cósmico, released music by current Latin American musicians like Debi Nova, Nakury, La Dame Blanche, Guadalupe Urbina, El Individuo, Un Rojo Reggae Band and Gary Nesta Pine. So where better for Pahua (Paulina Sotomayor), who sings in electronic duo Sotomayor alongside her brother Raúl, to release this fizzing collaboration?

The track fits into her growing repertoire of electro and folklore sound, with Sotomayor, in her solo project Pahua (check out her EP Ofrenda) and as a DJ where Pahua mixes heavy electrotrópico sets.

“Bahía” reflects Pahua’s lyrical force, with its focus on the environment and uplifting messages, and an interesting union between her and Barzo, mixing spiritual vocals with electro synths.

“Bahía” is available through digital platforms

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