Mara Mantari Ramos’ Papercraft Design for Sounds and Colours Peru’s Book Cover

By 13 August, 2015

It is fair to say that we were blown away by the cover for our latest publication, Sounds and Colours Peru. You see, at first glance you could mistake the cover for another computer-generated/augmented image but the truth is that the cover is actually a photo of a montage hand-crafted out of paper!

That’s right every detail of the cover was created by hand using different colour paper and then collected together to make the cover you see, with all shading completely natural. The design was created by the young Peruvian artist Mara Mantari Ramos. We knew little of Mara before asking her to do the cover though we were massively impressed by a papercraft image of a chullo hat she’d created. With that in mind we’d first asked her to create a poster to sell along with the book. However, once we’d seen the amount of thought she’d put into the poster and the amount of time she’d spent creating the paper elements, we knew she had to do the front and back cover too. And what a job she did.

Below you can watch a timelapse video of the complete process in which she made the cover, as well as see a beautiful step-by-step gallery showing the astonishing process. We also have some amazing A3 digital prints of Mara’s design available. Click the link below if you’d like one.

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