New Sounds of Peru – Best of 2021

By 21 December, 2021

With the year coming to an end – yes, again, another year has passed living in a pandemic – we can attest to the quality of the music made in our country. Peruvian promoters restarted the wheel by making shows and musicians had the opportunity for the first time in almost two years to play, in public, the songs they’ve put out since COVID hit the globe.

We’ve seen many new artists coming out with their first productions, like ex-Baby Steps Diana Flores who put out three records premiering her new clubby sound; or Pleito and Reies, who not only released their first singles but also already put out their first album El Rap Es Un Regalo. We also got the third album from the firmly-established La Lá. “Mito”, and probably one of the most exciting partnerships that happened in our music yet with José Quiroga from Agua Marina collaborating on Mauricio Mesone’s hit single “Cuando Callas”. It’s been a weirdly long, difficult and fractious year nonetheless. Let’s enjoy it ending.

Here we have a collection of songs with the best we’ve heard coming out from Peruvian artists this 2021, in no particular order…

Andrea Martínez ft. Naia Valdez – Todo Lo Que Dicen De Mi Es Cierto

Isza, A.C.O., Greta Ela – No Me Dejes De Querer

Diana Flores, Marshall Did It Again – Desaparecer

Diego Trip, Fernanda Perochena – Tantos Días

Sebastián Gereda – La Sombra de Mi BB

Lorena Blume – Mailof

Romina Hera – Entre Las Sombras

Naia Valdez – El Sol

Micaela Salaverry – Qué Fuerte!

Diegotalvez – Amarilla

DJ Frech, Negra Valencia, Vilchez Huaman – VOLCÁN XXX

Pleito, Reies – Avestruces

A.C.O., Naia Valdez, K.maleon – Pulsiones

Negra Valencia, Kat Kathia, La Saya – Despertar

Jeannie Llamoga – Nevermind

Flipown – 23.4

La Lá – Paracas Cavernas

Santa Madero – Segunda Cita

Animals Only – Un Poco Más

Calle San Pablo – Almas Que No Dan

Alexander Goché – Transmutar

Moldes – Infraficie

Autobus – Nos Vamos a Fundir

Los Outsaiders – Revelar

La Parka – Cumbia Asesina

Mauricio Mesones, Agua Marina – Cuando Callas

Nicolás Duarte y Audry Funk – Que Vuelvan

Comandante Castro – Luces de Neón

Garzomorphosis – No Es Cierto

Sofia Kourtesis – La Perla

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