Ana Claudia Bendezu

Ana Claudia is from Trujillo, in the north of Perú. She has worked in music since 2014 and managed artists including Alejandro y Maria Laura, Pelo Madueño, Cuchillazo and Catervas. She has created playlists for KEXP’s “El Sonido” radio show, set up the live space Vitrina Showcase, and currently works for her own artists agency, Rombos Music, and as a co-ordinator for Ombligo Encuentro, a music industry conference.

Posts by Ana Claudia Bendezu:

New Sounds of Peru #22

By 21 April, 2022

March was a very chaotic and prolific month, and April was not far behind. The last few weeks we’ve been introduced to many new projects and artists, and here’s the proof with a fine selection provided by the... Read Article

New Sounds of Peru #21

By 03 March, 2022

It feels like a stubborn effort to keep listening to new music and finding new art to keep us either grounded with what’s happening in the world, or distracted from it, because reality has become unbearable. In any... Read Article

New Sounds of Peru #20

By 16 December, 2021

The last update of the playlist for the year comes fast and short, with the best songs that have come out since October.  Pleitø, Reies, Daske Gaitan, Junior Zamora – Ddqtt A.C.O. ft. Yezzy Wallace – Que Esperas... Read Article

New Sounds Of Peru #19

By 30 September, 2021

The year is coming to an end soon, so let’s enjoy this new vaccinated season with some of the most recent jewels coming out of Peru. Here we go… Diana Flores – High Diego Trip ft. Fernanda Perochena... Read Article

Animals Only – Aunque Olvidemos Insistir

By Valdomiro Valle 20 August, 2021

Five years since the creation of Animals Only, the group from Huancayo, Peru have released their first EP. Aunque Olvidemos Insistir (in English, Although We Forget To Insist) is a short work of six songs in which the... Read Article

New Sounds of Peru #18

By 11 August, 2021

After the most chaotic elections we’ve had in our republican history, it seems like we are seeing some solutions coming soon. Let’s hope so. Here, we have twenty songs that paint the Peruvian picture musically speaking, including some... Read Article

New Sounds Of Peru #17

By 23 June, 2021

It’s still very tense here in Peru. We’ve gone through the most chaotic elections in the last 20 years, and again, a member of the Fujimori family is the one keeping us from continuing with our lives normally... Read Article

New Sounds of Peru #16

By 06 May, 2021

Amidst the uncertainty we are currently in as a country, music keeps us entertained but also aware. This is our April selection. Diana Flores – Desaparecer Nicolás Duarte – De Paseo Juan Gris – Robots Mauricio Mesones ft.... Read Article

New Sounds Of Peru #15

By 09 April, 2021

We’ve lost so many friends that we longer want to keep count. A whole year later and we are exactly where we were when all this madness started. Except now, we have to mourn those we’ve lost as... Read Article

New Sounds Of Peru #14

By 10 March, 2021

While we wait to be vaccinated and are still scared to death of the virus, let’s listen to some new Peruvian music! Since there’s nothing else we can change about our collective situation, let’s at least cling to... Read Article