New Sounds Of Peru #17

By 23 June, 2021

It’s still very tense here in Peru. We’ve gone through the most chaotic elections in the last 20 years, and again, a member of the Fujimori family is the one keeping us from continuing with our lives normally [at the time of writing Pedro Castillo had the most votes in the presidential runoff, with rival Keiko Fujimori claiming election fraud and for the vote to be annulled]. Now not only can the elected president not start with the transition into his mandate, but we’re also feeling the pressure from European countries to denounce electoral fraud that did not happen. Can the ex-colonies find democratic solutions for themselves without intervention from the colonisers, please? Why are you so obsessed with us?

Anyway, here’s the update for the playlist, now presented every six weeks! Enjoy new Peruvian music.

DJ Frech, Mi Puga Mi Pishgo, Vilchez Huamán – VOLCÁN XXX

DJ Frech, Micaela Minaya – Give It Up (Remix)

Diana Flores – Desaparecer (Acústico En Vivo)

Lobo Gris, Jorge González – As (Loup)

Alexander Goché – Daemonium

Los Outsaiders – Propera Parada

Camille Jackson, Fernanda Perochena – La Pena

Negra Valencia, Kat Kathia, La Saya- Despertar

Elisa Tokeshi – Amarillo

Comandante Castro – Por Ahora

Kinder – Ella No Me Conoce

Blackthony Startano – Emblemas de Moticicleta

We Are Nothing – Moving Forward

Nina Bosa – All In

Marden Crunjer – El Reino de Los Raros

Big Pollo, That Kid Is You – Free Your Mind

Arianne Gozzing – Poseidon 

Garzomorphosis – Tercer Contacto

Victoria Sur, Susana Baca – Camino de la Patria

Autobus – Nos Vamos a Fundir

Pigmentos Que Vuelan – Cada Beso

Aura Blum – Señal

ademilxhora – Aribau

Danitse – Espejo Equivocado

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