New Sounds of Peru #21

By 03 March, 2022

It feels like a stubborn effort to keep listening to new music and finding new art to keep us either grounded with what’s happening in the world, or distracted from it, because reality has become unbearable. In any case, try practicing compassion since whatever happens around us affects us in so many different ways.

A special shout-out to Anti Rudo’s new compilation Perdiendo Peleas, Ganando Amigos Vol. 4, for feeding this playlist with so many gems.

Listen to the playlist here, and see below for the individual videos:

Tua Tribu “Te Veo”

Inzul & K.maleon “Para Qué Volver?”

Maya Endo “Azul”

CIBER1A feat. Susana Fatima “VAIVEN”

Dafne Castañeda “Antirudx (Demo Version)”

Marco Mora “Xholic”

A.C.O & Irepelusa “A Mi Ritmo”

M2H ft A.C.O “Olvidémonos”

Big Pollo “Una Sola Alma”

TRIP x Dyrglas x Tr3vr x Kintu Canela “C4NNABI$”

TOURISTA “No Me Arrepiento”

Juan Gris “A Veces”

Fntasma! “Cartoon Network”

Daniel Willis “Adiós Fantasmas”

Bea Mar feat. Carlos Cruzálegui “Cómo Has Hecho (Live Session)”

Adrian Bello “Un Poco Menos Dolida”

Isla Palmera “Pintaste el Amor”

Plastical People “Como Si Fuera Tuyo”

Lobo Gris, BDO y Oliver Castillo “romA”

Oliver Castillo feat. Sarid Challco “Iguana”

Coroico “Don’t Waste My Time”

Ves Tal Vez “Verme Mejor”

Pinturas Rupetres “Dispuesto a Todo”

Ailis Blue “Warmy”

Solo Valderrama “Tan Natural”

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