New Sounds of Peru #22

By 21 April, 2022

March was a very chaotic and prolific month, and April was not far behind. The last few weeks we’ve been introduced to many new projects and artists, and here’s the proof with a fine selection provided by the Peruvian scene.

The newest artists debuting on our playlist are also celebrating their first releases, for example we have Flavia Marsano’s song “Quiero”, from her debut album Contratiempo which received great praise in a review on the Argentinian site Indie Hoy. Also, we have debut projects from cities other than Lima, such as Tenesi, from Chiclayo, who just put out a fresh take on R&B called “Inmune”. Other highlighted releases are Ati Lane’s “María Llena”, Ruy Hinostroza’s “Aves Doradas” and Lobo Gris’s album Último Recurso, from which we have chosen “Aullidos”. You can also find brand new music from Playas E. (formerly known as Playas Eternas), Miaw!, Los Lagartos, Diegotalvez and many more.

If you want your latest song to be considered for this playlist, please send it to [email protected].

Isabela Merced ft. KAYFEX – AGONÍA

Tenesi – Inmune

Clara Yolks – Emocional

Ati Lane – María Llena

Flavia Marsano – Quiero

Micaela Salaverry- Que Sea Bien

A.C.O – Mirando al Cielo

Gala Brie – Mujer Noche

Charman – Xq Te Quiero

Negra Valencia, Geri the Boy, La Leca Dencia – K lo k

Playas E. – Islandia

Lobo Gris – Aullidos

Miaw! – Círculo Vicioso

Blackthony Startano – Santiago

Los Lagartos – Desapego

Los Otelos – En El Final

Autobus & We Are The Grand – Un Pendiente

Espectros de Shibuya – Hollow

El Atuq Rockandino ft. Fredy Ortiz – Maqtikucha

Micaela Minaya – Brushstroke

Danitse – Valle Incendio

Ruy Hinostroza – Aves Doradas

Los Residentes – Sinceramente

Los Enlatados – Sufres Sola

Nuria Saba – Animales Extraños

Diegotalvez – Vámonos de Viaje

Nero Lvigi ft. Mari Zi & Deleccio Beats – Aquí Nací

Malucci – 3 y Pico

Pintura Roja – Como un Ave

Los Luna – La Orquesta del Final de los Tiempos de la Luz

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