New Sounds Of Peru #13

By 03 February, 2021

Perú is back in lockdown for two weeks, and once again there is no payment for staying at home. Music workers haven’t had any kind of break from the government, since the vastly promoted “help” has only benefited a small (and in some cases doubtfully deserving) amount of people. But new music is still coming out.

Since our last update was at the end of November, we’d like to show you 25 stellar songs that came out in December and January. 

Dafne Castañeda – Antes de Nacer

Resplandor – Adore (Robin Guthrie mix)

Nicolás Duarte – Ártico 

Romina Hera – En la Mañana

Crik Faluzi ft. Gala Briê – Hola, Holograma

Inzul – El Muro

NenaPop – Lucia dice…

Plastical People – Hasta el Final

Niños Sin Smartphones – Queda

Alan Roque – Fe

Autobus – Quiero Cambiar

Sacre-x – Desierto

Baio – Never Never Never

Clo ft. Dmian – Dia 29

Zen ft. Daniela Darcourt – Fuego Eterno

Felices Adicciones – Ska para Superar

Janice – No Pueden Contra Mí

TgthR – Si Ya No Sabe

April Arianne – Por Algo Más (El Mundo No Termina)

Tuporaqui Yoporallá – Plantas Naranjas

Daniela Ramírez – Tictac

Santaferia ft. Los Mirlos – Maria

Corazón Serrano – Tan Solo Tú 

Rossy War y Su Banda Kaliente – Tu Palabra No Vale Nada

Vico y su Grupo Karicia ft. El Lobo y La Sociedad Privada – Ya Son Las Doce

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