New Sounds of Peru #3

By 28 November, 2019

Ana Claudia Bendezu returns once more with another selection of her New Sounds of Peru, a Spotify playlist featuring the best new music from Peru. Listen to the latest playlist below and find out about the newest additions further down:

Find out more about the latest additions to the playlist, and check out their videos, below:

Camille Jackson – Gloria

After releasing a couple of singles this past year, we can finally listen to Camille Jackson’s debut album Lo Que No Ocupa Un Espacio. “Gloria” can be listed as one of the most interesting songs from a group of tracks that deserve more than just a small mention here. The melody in the guitar, a constant that matches perfectly with the sound of a more and more present tondero, is beautifully accomplished. 

Genre: Pop folk
City: Lima

Santa Madero – Cámara

The 70s feeling is back in this new track by Santa Madero, showing once again how they are a very young band with a rare old soul. The third single builds up the expectation for their upcoming debut album.

Genre: Pop / disco
City: Lima

Mercury Toys – New Times, New Age

Seasoned post-punkers Mercury Toys bring us their second single of the year. A powerful rock song with a catchy chorus, a rarity in the current Peru rock scene.

Genre: Post punk
City: Lima

Lunar Pats – Melatonina

The quirky Lunar Pats plays with pop and r&b on “Melatonina”, a single from her very first EP Transmisiones.

Genre: Indie pop / R&B
City: Lima

A.C.O. – Se Te Acaba La Vida

Brilliantly, A.C.O. talks directly to our generation: “clava las uñas en tu sueño / no lo alquiles a otro dueño / es lo único que es tuyo como el tiempo”. A soothing melody that wraps around one of the finest lyrics that has come out of Perú this year.

Genre: Hip hop
City: Lima

Pounda & Nomodico – Nube Negra

Purportedly the first taste of their next album, “Nube Negra” is sexy and also exciting. The different textures in the harmonies adds even more richness to the song. 

Genre: Hip hop
City: Lima

Olaya Sound System ft. Patrick Romantik- Retumba la Casa

This type of collaboration is what we so desperately need in the Peruvian music scene. Nothing better than a crossover between indie cumbia and a reggaetón singer.

Genre: Cumbia / reggaetón
City: Lima

Wendy Sulca ft. Miss Bolivia & Maca del Pilar- Cerveza Cerveza 2.0

Fifteen years later, we found ourselves listening to what can be called the continuation of Wendy Sulca’s very first hit, “Cerveza, Cerveza”. Miss Bolivia 🇦🇷 and Maca del Pilar 🇨🇱 were called to add their cumbia from the south to Wendy’s latest single, where they reaffirm that women can drink for whatever reasons they feel like.

Genre: Latin pop / reggaetón
City: Lima

Shck- Espinas

With the feeling of having a little bit of everything in the mix, “Espinas” shows us how diverse and expertly put together are Shck’s influences. 

Genre: Hip hop / fusion
City: Lima

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