New Sounds of Peru #1

By 16 September, 2019

In a new regular feature on Sounds and Colours here is Ana Claudia Bendezu and her selection of some of the best new music from Peru. Ranging from indie rock and shoegaze to electronic, Latin pop and folk music, this is a real taste of what’s happening in Peruvian music right now.

Ana Claudia is from Trujillo in the north of Peru, and has worked as a manager for the likes of Alejandro y Maria Laura and Catervas, created playlists for KEXP’s “El Sonido” radio show and currently works with her own artist’s agency, Rombos Music, and as a co-ordinator for Ombligo Encuentro, a music industry conference, where she set up Vitrina Showcase for highlighting the work of emerging Peruvian artists.

Here are Ana Claudia’s New Sounds of Peru (see below the playlist for further information on the tracks):

Moldes – Regalo

Led by Katia De la Cruz, Moldes has released some of the most interesting songs in the past decade in Peruvian music. “Regalo”, is their most recent advance from their next album.

Genre: Pop / noise
City: Lima

Nicolás Duarte – Trenes

Finding time where there isn’t any, Nicolás Duarte has put out a song full of the attitude and rawness that characterizes him. He’ll be releasing new music soon with his bands La Mente and Cuchillazo too.

Genre: Alternative rock
City: Lima

Baby Steps – Play

With what I will call a ‘dangerous softness’, the new material from Baby Steps keeps sounding more and more interesting to follow up.

Genre: Post punk / new wave
City: Lima

Trazar Diamantes – Espacio | Tiempo (Nada Nos Sorprende)

A brand new band that was born after another broke up, with their first single, that has an unequivocally shoegaze, alternative rock feel to it.

Genre: Alternative rock / shoegaze 
City: Lima

Tourista – Casual

Indie rockers that have been playing with urban sounds finally show their trap song “Casual”, not an actual single, part from their recently released album “Fantasmas”. It doesn’t lose their synth-y indie sound, but the flow here is real.

Genre: Indie / trap
City: Lima

Mundaka – El Paso

Genre: Surf rock
City: Lima

Los Lagartos – Mosquitos

Genre: Indie rock
City: Lima

Santa Madero – Linda Hamilton

Genre: Ballad / jazz
City: Lima

Chintatá ft. Verónica Ccompi – Cuerpo Soltero

Genre: Huayno
City: Cusco

Suerte Campeón – Si No Puedo Manejar Mi Vida, Menos Un Auto

Genre: Indie rock
City: Lima

Crik Faluzi – Bom Dia (Versión en español)

Genre: Pop / funk
City: Lima

Wendy Sulca – Chao, Chao, Chao

Genre: Latin pop
City: Lima

Pipi of Monky – Cialu

Genre: Indie pop
City: Lima

Aeropod – Obsequio

Genre: Indie pop
City: Lima

Andrea Martínez – Puedo Morir en Cualquier Parte

Genre: Pop / alternative 
City: Lima

Los Estroboscópicos – Tokio

Genre: Lo fi/ dream pop 
City: Chiclayo

Dengue Dengue Dengue ft. Sara Van and Mikongo – El Cavilante

Genre: Electronic / tondero
City: Lima

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