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PREMIÈRE: Peru’s Los Niños Vudú Search for the Meaning of Love in New Video

By 13 February, 2020

“¿Qué es el amor?” It’s the question thrown at us at the start of “4herr”, the latest song from Los Niños Vudú. In the video clip, you see a group of (very) young people trying to give an answer to the question that has followed the history of human race for millennia. “Love is courage”, “love is to be able to let go”, “it’s to give and to not expect anything in exchange”, “love is the most effective weapon”, “love is the last slice of pizza”, are just some of the answers we hear while the expectation for the song grows.

Los Niños Vudú are a young new band from Pueblo Libre, an old town in the big city of Lima. Pueblo Libre still has the feeling of a neighbourhood, an old soul full of lethargic life. If you ever step a foot in this place, you’ll feel the nostalgic atmosphere created by its colonial houses, big parks with old trees, and its quietness. The spirit of Pueblo Libre lives in this song. As said in the intro, love can be anything, it can also be a walk around its streets, watching the dogs play, while the sunset gives the perfect backdrop for lovers trying to figure out what love is, the perfect scenic end to their day.

The presence of this town is not only felt in the song, it’s also represented in the video, where the band plays with old footage as well as images of the huacas (sacred ruins) found in Pueblo Libre. 

Divided into six parts, we are taken from start to finish in what the band has defined are the steps of what love is, from Love to Anger.

Los Niños Vudú have a promising future and a more than exciting present. You will be able find “4herr” tomorrow (Feb 14th) across all streaming platforms, but here exclusively today we give you the première.

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