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EXCLUSIVE: Venezuela’s Isaac Sasson Shares Inspirations and Sweetly-Seductive Stop Motion Video

By 28 February, 2022

It seems like there must be a resurgent love for stop motion animation in the air as just a week after Ali Gua Gua, Mare Advertencia and Son Rompe Pera released a new video highlighting the style, Venezuela’s Isaac Sasson is repeating the feat. In truth, the styles of music could not be more different, the crazy, cumbia of the Mexicans replaced by the entrancing, acoustic splendour of Sasson.

The video is for “El Glorioso Galope de Mi Caballo Blanco” (“The Glorious Gallop of My White Horse”), a whimsical folk tune the kind of likes there are many on Sasson’s sublime recent album, Canciones de Isaac. It’s an album that’s worth getting to know, its unassuming melodies, played on cuatro, charango and bandola, soon wrapping their way around your psyche, Sasson’s delicate voice and use of percussion putting the album somewhere between the hypnotic chanson of Dom La Nena and El Polen’s pastoral folk-rock.

The stop-motion animation follows the White Horse of the title as it moves through forests, even venturing into space, while the band plays on, its playful nature perfectly suited to the gently-flowering music.

Sasson has also been good enough to grace us with a playlist of some of his musical inspirations, offering us a trip through largely acoustic music from Latin America, ranging from Tom Zé’s inventive tropicália, nueva canción from Violeta Parra and Soledad Bravo, Andean folk rock from Inti Illimani and Alonso del Río, a spiky partly-electric number from Luis Alberto Spinetta’s Invisible band, and tracks from Venezuelan royalty like Símon Díaz, Oswaldo Lares and Conny Méndez. It’s a fine indication of where Sasson’s head it at.

Canciones de Isaac is released by Olindo Records. You can buy vinyl copies from the Sounds and Colours Shop.

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